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If there is one soul who dedicated his life till the last breath for unity of Jain community...


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If there is one soul who dedicated his life till the last breath for unity of Jain community and upliftment of Girnar, that would be Himanshusuri Dada. He was born on 19-04-1907 in Gujarat. The little boy hearing the Pravachan of Acharya Shri Ramchandrasurishwarji M.S got greatly influenced and entered ‘Saiyam’ life in a dramatic turn of events. The power of his celibacy and strict Saiyam life earned him accolades across the country. His vision for Jain unity, love towards Girnar and devotion to Neminath Bhagwan was so strong, that more than half of his life he did Ayambils, in a bid to spread awareness of Girnar. He breathed his last moments with an eye towards Girnar and Arihant Arihant on his lips.

Today, Girnar is witnessing lakhs of Yatriks owing to the arduous work of this divine soul to uplift this Maha Tirth. Owing to his dedication for Girnar, the Sangh decided to perform the final rites at Sehasavan, and a memorial was built to commemorate his invaluable contribution for this Maha-Tirth. The present Sehasavan Samovasaran temple was built by great efforts of Himanshusurishwarji M.S. If one wishes to trace back the current journey of Girnar upliftment to its starting point, it would easily point out to this divine soul. Any and every Mahatma attached to Girnar movement as of today have all been inspired by this great Acharya P.P Himanshusurishwarji M.S.

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